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The Textile History of Whitby, The Nordic
Travellers, The Piper Documents,
The Explorer's Handbook etc.

Prod Title
The Textile History of Whitby 1700-1914
- Monograph
THIS INVITATION IS OPEN TO EVERYONE INTERESTED IN TEXTILE HISTORY in the subjects of: Alum & Natural dyeing, Archive studies, Art history, Decorative arts, Economic history, Embroidery, Fashion history, Interior design, Laundry...

ISBN: 978-1-904145-29-5.
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Prod Title
Impressions of London
The Nordic Travellers Series No. 1.
From the late summer of 1840.

The thoughts and experiences of a Swedish Gentleman.

ISBN: 1-904145-01-9
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Prod Title
Charles E Nelson - A White Tohunga
The Nordic Travellers Series No. 2.
A recently written biography of the Swedish seaman Charles E Nelson who was awarded the title of White Tohunga by the Maoris.

ISBN: 1-904145-03-3
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Prod Title
Bear Island
The Nordic Travellers Series No. 3.
The story of an isolated arctic island - exploration, people, culture and nature.

ISBN: 1-904145-09-4
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Prod Title
Piperska Handlingar / The Piper Documents Series No. 1.
Inventory of Furniture and Household Goods at Christinehof Manor, set up in 1758.

Via a unique inventory from the Christinehof archives, we are transported to a world long gone - to an aristocratic home in the Swedish countryside nearly 250 years ago.

ISBN: 1-904145-06-X
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Prod Title
Det Nya Huset i Andrarum
Piperska Handlingar / The Piper Documents Series No. 2.
Record of the final inspection of the completed building of the Christinehof Manor House, or as the record has it "Andrarums Gård" (Andrarum House). This unusual record of the final inspection has been extracted from the Christinehof Archives.

ISBN: 1-904145-08-6 (Second edition 2005)
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Prod Title
Christopher Tärnströms Journal
- Mundus Linnæi Series No. 1.
Christopher Tärnström (1711 -1746) was the first of Linnaeus' followers to be instructed to study and document flora and fauna outside Europe, hence the name the first Linnaeus apostle.

ISBN: 1-904145-07-8.
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Prod Title
The Carl Linnaeus Notebook 1725 - 1727
- Mundus Linnæi Series No. 2.
The first work ever written by the world famous naturalist. This is probably one of the most important works to help us understand the real Linnaeus.

ISBN: (For complete set of 3 volumes)
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Prod Title
Doctor Carl Linnaeus Physician
- Mundus Linnæi Series No. 3.
Is a scholarly tour of the less known side as a practising scientific medical man of a universal genius.

ISBN: 978-1-904145-14-1
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Prod Title
Clavis Medicinae Duplex - The two keys of medicine
- Mundus Linnæi Series No. 4.
"Most challenging of Linnaeus's publications"
Clavis Medicinae Duplex, published in 1766, in many ways it is the most challenging of Linnaeusís publications and at the same time one of the hardest to interpret, perhaps even his least successful one, rarely or never given its due, as it demands a good deal from its readers.

ISBN: 978-1-904145-28-8
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Prod Title
Carl Linnaeus in Skåne
The Explorers Handbook Series
The user-friendly The Explorer's Handbook describes key attractions and unique places of interest, from Carl Linnaeus journey through the province Skåne, Sweden 1749.

ISBN: 1-904145-05-1 and 978-1-904145-05-9
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Prod Title
La Collection Khalili et ses textiles de la Scanie
'The Explorer's Exhibition Guide', from the LA COLLECTION KHALILI exhibition.
ET SES TEXTILES DE LA SCANIE at the Centre Culturel Suédois in Paris - spring 2000. The guide, which is written en French, includes a comprehensive summary of the history of weaving techniques from southern Sweden in the 18th and 19th centuries.

ISBN: 91-87600-02-1
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