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Welcome to The IK Foundation -
a global, independent learned organisation for Promoting Natural & Cultural history.

For more than a quarter of a century, IK has striven for a better understanding of the Natural and Cultural history of Planet Earth, by means of - among other things - Field work, Research projects, Publishing and Exhibitions, a mission which is very much ongoing.

As an independent research institute and not-for-profit organisation - with a strong reputation for interdisciplinary thinking, in-depth knowledge and long-term results - IK continues to develop unique international networks of cooperation and finance in order to fulfill its mission.

A mission in which we believe that it is the right of everyone to have access to good knowledge of both local and global Natural and Cultural history and that an interdisciplinary and historical approach to these subjects probably makes it easier to understand life as it is today and face the future - something that affects all of us on Planet Earth. In our wing THE IK WORKSHOP SOCIETY we welcome individuals and organisations to participate in using our open sources and activities which connect with our various subjects and projects.

The IK Foundation is and will remain an informal, pure and simple organisation. Our staff, departments and collections are distributed in small units around the world, so that our external interface - apart from the results that we achieve - is primarily our website. Here we invite everyone to join us on our mission and, like the more than two-centuries-old lone windswept pine-tree in the IK Foundation logotype, to continue to scatter seeds across a mutable world...

Sincerely yours,

Lars Hansen
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