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The IK Foundation's mission is to promote and stimulate a better understanding of natural and cultural history from a variety of perspectives.

By collaborating with other networks - large and small, local and global - we can initiate and manage long-term and in-depth scientific projects of high quality that are presented in an easily understood and absorbing manner.

In order to assure that products and works - such as fieldwork, research, exhibitions and publications - are of high and enduring quality, IK has established a vibrant global network of experts and organisations engaged in both practical and theoretical work. As IK is an autonomous organisation that is not ruled by financial, political, religious or governmental constraints, it is able to build unique and independent networks to collaborate on new and important endeavours.
IK promotes and manages projects by means of effective committees linked to the projects together with the executive director of the IK Foundation. It is a tradition within IK that committees and collaborators, among others, work "discreetly" in order to preserve their independence and peaceful working conditions so as to enable them to concentrate on their internal work assignments.

IK favours pure and simple collaborative projects to achieve the best results and the highest quality - it is precisely the results that count! All our publications are therefore stamped with the logotype of the IK Foundation, which represents our quality grading of the contributions of numerous people, "the spirit of our network - it speaks with a collective voice".
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