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The IK Foundation is a serious supporter of the search for knowledge and truth on the basis of an interdisciplinary working practice - we never like to be confined by boundaries. In order to achieve the right outcome, it has to be done without rigid disciplinary boundaries and linked to an approach that is both theoretical and practical, from the preliminary project idea itself to its often time-consuming execution - by field work, research, analysis, synthesis, criticism - and on to the final presentation.

IK collaborates with many different learned organisations, large as well as small, known and unknown, and with individuals around the world concerned in various ways with subject areas with which our projects engage.
Because IK is an independent organisation, we are free to go beyond disciplinary or academic boundaries to seek the truth through various networks. This is something that inspires both the thinking and the in-depth results that IK in various ways presents and carries forward in order to stimulate both mind and spirit...

We have an ambitious range of old, new and expanded activities in which we are already engaged or that we will will undertake . However, the IK Foundation is a relatively small organisation that works with both small and large world-class projects. For that purpose, we have to constantly maintain a generous but critical assessment of our activities in order to achieve our lofty aim of promoting natural and cultural history in a professional manner.
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