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For more than two decades the IK Foundation has published books and other printed materials of the highest quality in order to stimulate thinking about natural and cultural history. It is with the greatest respect both for the subjects concerned and for craftsmanship that Studio IK and an international network of outstanding graphic artists, printers and bookbinders create beautiful and durable publications. Our books and prints are available all over the world, having by now been distributed to more than 110 countries, where they are to be found on the bookshelves of ordinary families as well as in schools, museums, universities and the reference collections of national libraries.

Despite a history going back two thousand years, paper is still a miracle! IK therefore looks for quality solutions, using the best and most beautiful kinds of paper for everything from fine note cards to posters and splendidly produced volumes. Our publications embody centuries of tradition while simultaneously conveying the inspiring thought that simple
good quality will always have a role to play in the service of knowledge and ideas and will stand the test of time with regard to both content and design.

Books and printed matter published by IK are frequently the result of an IK project or of collaboration between IK and other learned bodies. Each IK book or print is unique, and the final product is devoted to the subject matter in hand. All IK books and prints, whether they are heavy bound volumes or easily folded note cards, have one thing in common - they are attractive and skilfully edited and produced. It is what we refer to as published to the standard of excellence of the IK Foundatuion & Company.

As the IK Foundation is engaged in long-term projects, its publications include continuing series of scholarly books and prints. More information on those series will be found in the "IK Shop" or at "Linnaeus.info" for books and prints relating to the fascinating world of Linnaeus.

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