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iFellowship in The IK Workshop Society | it's free and important.

The iFellowship costs nothing and is open to all individuals over 15 years of age and to organisations; whether as an individual or an organisation, an application has to be made to become an iFellow, which offers the following advantages:

  • Full and free access when Signed In to The IK Workshop Society's iFacts, iIndex, iBooks, iMaps, iProjects, iLearning and iMagazine. Opportunity, within the framework of The IK Workshop Society, to ADD KNOWLEDGE or TELL US YOUR STORY in the form of text, photos, video and sound, which will be an important part of the long-term work to understand Planet Earth.
  • If you wish to buy books, prints & accessories from The IK Bookshop, iFellows will always get up to 10% discount, in fact the only discount that is available.
  • iFellows receive updates, to a level that they themselves select, via email and Twitter and sometimes also printed information from The IK Foundation that is sent by post – never from a third party.
  • A personal and secure Logbook.

In The IK Workshop Society we favour simplicity and therefore have the following basic and primary rules:

  • that all information recorded in an application remains a private matter between The IK Workshop Society and the registered iFellow.
  • that all iFellows who contribute knowledge to ADD KNOWLEDGE or participate in other projects within The IK Workshop Society do so with their full name and country stated in a byline and thereby accept that they do so on their own responsibility, even if it has been validated by the affiliated editors.
  • that iFellows, as far as possible, are familiar with the texts relating to "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and the proposals for a "Law on the Rights of Mother Earth" and that they respect the Creative Commons licence within which The IK Workshop Society operates.
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It is simple to apply for an iFellowship. If you are interested in the advantages listed above and accept its primary rules, You can subscribe to them by actively taking your application to the next stage.
You are here: Home > The IK Workshop Society > Become an iFellow
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