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Welcome to IK's iMaps.

The map below is ready and waiting to show you the locations of IK knowledge. You can filter for specific Linnaeus Apostles, and/or subjects.

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Carl Fredrik Adler Adam Afzelius Andreas Berlin Johan Peter Falck Peter Forsskål Fredrik Hasselquist Pehr Kalm Pehr Löfling Anton Rolandsson Martin Pehr Osbeck Daniel Rolander Göran Rothman Daniel Solander Anders Sparrman Carl Peter Thunberg Olof Torén Christopher Tärnström

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In iMAPS the geographical areas of the Linnaeus Apostles' voyages are presented - their assignments lasted from the years 1746 to 1799, more than 50 years of travel in the service of science!
Specific as well as cross-searching in iMAPS are linked to the various subjects of iFACTS and can also most easily be studied in ​both ​iMAPS and iFACTS. Links via the icons of each map redirect the user to the relevant page of iFACTS or to iBOOKS for ADDED KNOWLEDGE or to iLOG for iPROJECTS.
iMAPS are a unique and creative search tool where the biographical​ and scientific details of each individual apostle are presented ​as an overview of their personal backgrounds and travels. ​iMAPS may be used in various scales and with an optional satellite view. iMAPS are updated regularly with new information.