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The IK Workshop Society is a global and unique forum for all who are interested in Natural & Cultural History.

A workshop is a place where individuals and groups of interested persons participate in activities connected with various subjects and projects; some have called it an academy, but we prefer the simplicity of the designation "workshop". Our workshop is special, as it is not located in any specific building but consists of the global network of people and organisations with which the IK Foundation collaborates on long-term research and information to promote Natural & Cultural History.

Through The IK Workshop Society all who share our interests are invited both to follow the work and also to actively become part of it through an iFellowship. Our ambition is to thereby increase knowledge of the subjects that we deal with - locally and globally - and at the same time to stimulate interest in them through field work and studies - our motto is "Sharing Observations to Understand Planet Earth".

We believe in openness, simplicity and a democratic sharing of knowledge and information, and for that reason everything produced by The IK Workshop Society is published within the framework of a Creative Commons licence.

In The IK Workshop Society the small "i" stands for Internet and Intelligence, as in iFellow, iBooks, iFacts, iMaps, iProjects and so on. Through Internet and the website one will find constantly expanding open-access material for research, curiosity, work, inspiration, school, family, universities, libraries, organisations, museums, travel, expeditions … you name it. A website that has been technically produced to function reliably and simply irrespective of whether you are in an urban environment with fast connections or in "the bush".

The IK Workshop Society is open night and day throughout the year, providing an excellent service wherever you are in the world.

Welcome to taking part in sharing observations to understand Planet Earth
- it's free and important.

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