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Today, we start a series in iMESSENGER about the international work of creating the monograph NATURAE OBSERVATIO SPITSBERGEN – Science Expeditions, which is currently in completion – we call this series “The making of a very special book”!

A work meeting on managing the extensive fold-outs covering various topics in the book. The book graphic designer Graham Scott discusses with Viveka Hansen, editorial secretary, the hundreds of details – from all the contents to folding the leaves – that will be of the highest standard for many years.

Perhaps our faithful readers remember that the book was introduced earlier this year at this space in iMESSENGER 4 | 2023, where we talked overall about the participants involved and what they are creating together, which is likely to be the most comprehensive scientific book covering this subject.

So, what is so special about this book? It is based on newly written texts from the latest scientific research in the area. A multidisciplinary collaboration within both Natural & Cultural History. It also contains special and new graphically crafted scientific explanatory illustrations. Exhaustively detailed diagrams, maps, figures, fold-outs, artworks, pictures and timelines. Profound knowledge texts, fact boxes and a detailed subject index.

Each chapter of both Natural & Cultural History begins with illustrations that indicate the specific content of the texts – a taste of the dedicated topic! Here are some examples from The Chronicle and The Area.

The nearly 400-page folio will be bound by hand in the IK Foundation’s exclusive cloth-bound volume, which follows the tradition that books should last long, be usable and be a piece of craftsmanship and art. More about this will be presented at this place in an upcoming feed in which we invite interested people to come in “behind the scenes” and meet many of the fifty specialists involved in this groundbreaking project.

NOTE: Libraries, organisations, academies and individuals from different parts of the world have already pre-ordered and secured copies of the monograph. The edition is limited, so we ask those interested to secure their copy by pre-ordering in BOOKS & ART | EXPLORE MORE...


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