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Carl Linnaeus in Skåne. IK Launch of the official Guidebook for the Tercentenary Celebrations.

September 2006

IK Foundation & Company has the pleasure of presenting the second enlarged edition of Carl Linnaeus in Skåne in the The Explorer's Handbook series. This Guidebook will be the official guide for the jubilee year of 2007. It describes carefully selected places and events, can easily fit into one's pocket and so always be at hand. Each Explorer's Handbook presents a unique topic of cultural or natural history interest. Brimming with interesting facts and illustrations, they are designed to be easily read and understood.

This guide describes the Skåne countryside of today and of the mid 18th century. The main text is written in Swedish with comprehensive summaries in English. Carl Linnaeus is portrayed as both scientist and man of his time, and there are additional notes describing his own and his apostles' journeys to undiscovered seas and continents.

His considerable collections, the results of the journeys, made by himself and his apostles, are described and put into context in relation to his journey through Skåne.

This journey through Skåne is described stage by stage, and there are examples of places and items that are still well worth seeing today. The traveller can follow the same route as Linnaeus took between 17 May and 2 August 1749. The book, written by experts, includes cross-references and specialised articles on roads and mileposts, geology, buildings, flora, clothing, pharmacy and herbs as well as facts and fiction. The reader is invited to follow in Linnaeus' footsteps and make the same exciting discoveries.

The final page offers practical information with many references to museums, local tourist information and web sites. The guidebook can be enjoyed by anyone interested in Carl Linnaeus' visit to Skåne, whether read before, during or after a visit to this beautiful region.

The first edition was published in 1999 and was then the official guide for the 250th anniversary (1749-1999) of Carl Linnaeus' travels through the countryside of southern Sweden in 1749.

The publication is a collaboration between IK Foundation & Company, the County Government, the University of Lund and Region Skåne.

Scandinavian countries: Project manager Christer Hjort, Lund university, Sweden.



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