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The IK Foundation Collection of Photography

Over the years, the various IK projects, e.g. exhibitions, research matters, field work and publications, have generated a unique collection of natural and cultural history related photographs. Subjects include art, people, culture, architecture, science, portraits and landscapes from all over the world.

The earliest photographs date from the late 19th century although most are from the second half of the 20th century - the collection is continually added to with pictures from various projects.


The IK collections include a number of specialist interest collections that have been donated by various people and organisations, amongst these is the Esse Ericsson (1921 - 1996) collection of Aerial Photographs. The collection comprises approximately 2000 pictures, all of which are available for research purposes and publication. An additional series of aerial photographs that have been taken using more advanced technology such as IR and various filters is also available.

Ex-chief inspector for historical buildings and monuments Carl-Filip Mannerstråle's (1924 - 2002) collection includes excellent pictures of Nordic churches, palaces, manor houses etc. and the geographer Elof Stoltz' (1897 - 1957) collection of photographs of the Scandinavian countryside in the early 20th century is a unique document of a bygone era.
If you are interested in using any photographs from the collection please contact IK, tell us which photographs you are interested in and how you want to use them.
Home > Research & Enterprise > The IK Collections > The IK Foundation Collection of Photography
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